Our next Sync Summit will be a hybrid event that will take place live in Los Angeles at the legendary venue El Cid and online throughout the world from February 5-7, 2024. By combining the live and online experiences, we’ll be able to provide you with more opportunities to learn, to connect and to create with people throughout the world than ever before. The event will include:

  • Four days of panels, keynotes and demos from over 100 Speakers from brands, Ads, Tech, TV, Film, Music, Production, Sync Agents and More Industry Players.
  • Networking opportunities before, during and after the event- both online and in person.
  • Our personal assistance in connecting with speakers and attendees.
  • Showcases, Composition Challenges, Workshops on practical elements of sync and scoring.
  • An EPK for every attendee on the Sync Summit website.
  • A final contact list of speakers and attendees.
  • Video archives of all in-person and online sessions.
  • The opportunity to submit music to every speaker at the event.

It is our mission to make the 11th anniversary of our Sync Summit the best one yet, and we hope you’ll take part.

And, it is going to be the last time we do an in-person event, so if you’ve ever wanted to attend a Sync Summit in person, this is your final chance.

You can join us in two ways:

2024 Sync Summit Online Access – $299: You can attend all four days virtually and connect, interact and learn by attending all sessions online. You’ll get all the benefits above from the comfort of your home, studio or office. And that includes submitting music and making connections. Click here to register for online-only access.

2024 Summit Online and In-Person Access – $799 – $400 off rate the standard in-person rate of $1199 until February 5): If you want to attend in person you’ll get all the benefits of the online version, along with the added fun and connections that you get from attending the event live in Los Angeles. This means all of the above plus drinks, receptions and live music. Click here to register for online and in-person access. The price will rise to $1199 after that.

However You decide to join us at our next Summit, we promise to do our best to provide you with the most productive and fun experience possible. I hope you’ll join us and that we’ll see you in 2024.


Mark Frieser

CEO, Sync Summit