Ed Hartman (keyboards)

Ed Hartman has been teaching classes in music licensing for a decade and has been creating music for film, T.V., radio, and even a planetarium. He writes music of all kinds, including orchestral, jazz, world, electronic, rock, fusion and experimental.  Ed is also a percussionist and has a wide variety of live instruments.  His music can add emotion, drive, and energy to the picture.  He loves to synchronize the music and “hit” the moments in the images to build a natural rhythm to the scene and story.  Ed also owns 8th Sense Productions, LLC that owns the film-estate of Richard Lyford.  He produced “As the Earth Turns” an unreleased silent sci-fi film by Lyford made in Seattle in 1938 (122 festivals, 135 awards/nominations), He is also working on a documentary, and biopic about the filmmaker.

Media Credits:
Ed’s music has been heard in the motion pictures “The Blind Side” and “Scooby Doo, The Mystery Begins” (Warner Bros.), “The Cold Light of Day” (Summit Ent.), “Surviving Christmas” (Dreamworks), “Into the Fire” (BCDF Pictures), “Spirit of the Game” (Samuel Goldwyn), “A Different Sun” (Monolith Pictures), “Cool It” (1019 Ent.), “Mini’s First Time” (Bold Films), and “The Turkey Bowl”(Coolidge/Ward Productions).

Ed scored music for the feature-film “As the Earth Turns” (34 best score awards/nominations), “Fitz” (Who Made Who Productions) – 2008 Alberta Film and Television Awards Nominee: Best Feature Film) and the documentary: “Project Colombia” (The MapMakers).

Ed has also scored a variety of short films, including: “SHAM Therapy” (Web-series), “The Son, The Father”, “Pause”, “Little Peter Needs to Fly”, “End Zone“, “The Three Stars”, “Trauma”, “Winston”, “Those in Need”, and “A Rich Mann”.

Ed’s music has been on television, including: “The Twilight Zone” (CBS All-Access), “Revenge“, “Motive”(ABC), “Twas the Night”,”Katie Morgan“, “Big Love” (HBO), “Lucifer”,“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (FOX), “Passions” (NBC), “Let’s Make a Deal” (CBS), “Doc-Block” (MSNBC), “Greek” (ABC Family) , “Emeril Green” (GREEN), “Nature“,”Gourmet Adventures with Ruth” (PBS), “Channel 5 Takes Latin“, “Relic Hunter“,”Extreme Towns” (TRAVEL), “America Now” (Ind.), “Shalom In The Home“, “Toddlers and Tiaras“, and many others.

Corporate and commercial use of Ed’s music includes: Capital OneCoke ZeroMYQ2 (FOX TV Affiliate, Seattle), Lightyear Productions (for Tacoma Grand Cinema), Parragon Books, Ltd., Lavinia Productions S. L.C.Modem Media, 3CIM Inc.,  Tarinatalo OY, StoryhouseLTD.Avex MarketingKobaltBarnes and NobleTrailer ParkDDB Health, and Greenpeace.