In today’s music industry, the best way to connect artists and their music to the largest audience possible is through sync.

No other method is as effective in connecting music simultaneously, instantaneously to millions – and sometimes billions – of potential fans.

A good sync not only generates revenue in its own right, it’s how fans – and potential fans discover, engage and interact with everything tied to artists and their brand, including merchandise, concert tickets and the possibility of more syncs and brand tie-ins.

But it doesn’t stop with the sync.  It’s all about what happens next:

There are a lot of questions and a lot of talk about how much sync leads to engagement, audience and sales, but until now, no one has provided the industry with a true breakdown of sync’s promotional and engagement potential from first hand sources and hard data.

  • What happens after someone hears the music?

  • How do they discover and engage with the band and the music?

  • What websites and apps do they use to engage with music?

  • What are they doing once they find out what the song is?

  • In real numerical terms, how does a sync lead to engagement, revenue and audience?

  • How do the above factors influence artists, managers, labels, publishers music supervisors, producers and brands?

SyncSummit’s Music Promotion and Engagement Report is a comprehensive, 100+ page breakdown of how sync leads to discovery, discovery leads to engagement and engagement leads to audience and sales.  Additionally, how sync integrates into every element of artist development.

Featuring data from sources like Shazam, TuneFind, SoundHound, MusiXMatch, SoundTracking, AdTunes and more, as well interviews with music executives, music supervisors, artists, ad producers, brand managers and other industry executives, with the goal to provide you the resources and hard data you need to take advantage of the potential of visual media and messaging to promote music to the mass market.

The Music Promotion and Engagement Report will be published in print and PDF versions November 9th, for the cost of $999.

If you wish to pre-order the report, you can do so at the 50% discount rate of $499 – we’ll send you updates as the report is finalized and you’ll be among the first the get this vital market data.

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