Interview with Onika Best, by Mark Frieser.
Q: Tell us about yourself – how did you come into your choice to be a professional musician?
A: I am a born Bermudian. A Barbadian by decent as my father is Barbadian, and I am an African by right and heritage.  I love people and music.  I was born a musician, then became a musician in 1994.
Q: What was the moment that you said to yourself that you were going to make the choice to go into music?
A: When my father told me not to work he will support me and told me to work on my craft as a drummer and a vocalist.
Q: What inspires you musically? What inspires you as an artist in general? What musicians influenced you?
A: Observing life inspires me musically and artistically on a whole. I observe life and write about it. My influences are my father, Prince, Nina Simone and Abba.
Q: what have been the challenges for you as an artist from Barbados?  And what advantages has it given you?
A: My challenges are that living in Barbados as a Bermudian with a Bermudian accent, although through my father I see myself as a Barbadian.  My advantage is also my father, because he has paved a way for many of Barbados talent and he is the King of the drum.  So I am still treated like royalty and with respect overall.
Q:  Tell us about your music. (we’ll play music in the final cut of the podcast at this time)
A: My music is an extension of who I am. When I get a song I get the lyrics the music and the arrangements at the same time.   I don’t have a genre really because the genre I choose has not been genre-ized as yet. I call my music Earth Roots Jazz.   The earth is the color of the music Roots is where it derives from and jazz (shit) lol…that is my vocals.
Q: How have you built your fan base? How do you connect with them?
A: I have not built a fan base or a connection.  People generally connect with me, because I always have something to say that is nurturing…generally when they find out I do music they treat me a little nicer even when they are already nice….i think that has been a booboo for me not having a fan base.  Then again I am aware of how the industry works.
Q: Have you been able to get your music used for tv/films/ad?
A: No, and the dynamics in Barbados does not allow it..and it is who you know. But I do have about a million
Q: What do you think about the potential of scoring music for film/tv/games or an ad as an artist? Is that something that you’d be interested in?
A: Oh Mark….i am so interested in that you could not imagine…it is actually a passion. When a really good movie is on, I turn down the volume and I score it
Q: What do you think about the potential of licensing your music to help you promote your career and your music?
A:  It makes sense to license it but I have not done so as yet, mainly because I do not have a publisher and I have not made myself the publisher.
Q: What are you looking for in your career at this time?
A: The masses Mark. And if I could achieve such a thing and be comfortable I would be a very happy
Q: How can people get more of your music?
A: They can go to Itunes and punch in Onika Best. It is only one song on Itunes but it is there. You can go to and there is music there and information. You can also you tube Onika Best and I will come up… truth I am the only Onika Best in the whole of the internet…isn’t that