Sync Exchange Podcast 9 – Music Supervisor/KCRW Host Gary Calamar

This is a wide-ranging conversation with Music Supervisor Gary Calamar, who’s also a DJ on KCRW FM, a musician and President of GO Music.

In this podcast, Gary discusses with host Mark Frieser the development of his career in the industry, the work of a music supervisor, and how he works with labels, artists and publishers to find and place excellent music to tell some of the most compelling stories in TV and Film, including in shows like “Six Feet Under,” “True Blood” and “Man In The High Castle”.

Check out the annotations below for the high points of the conversation and and relevant links.

1:10 Discussing his use of Sia’s “Breathe Me” in “Six Feet Under”

1:51 – Gary’s beginnings as a music supervisor – starting with his love of music

3:12 – Gary the artist – his song “Looking For A Job”

4:20 – Gary’s Mimosa Music Series –

4:32 – Iggy Pop and Gary Collaborate on “Let’s Boot And Rally” for “True Blood”

5:23 – How does one become a music supervisor, anyway? Here’s how Gary did.

 – Working with G. Marq Roswell

 > > Wild At Heart

 > > Slums of Beverly Hills

 > > Varsity Blues

 – Partnering with Music Supervisor Thomas Golubic on “Six Feet Under”

8:40 – More on Gary’s Process

11:32 – The importance of collaboration

13:00 – Past and Current Projects

True Blood – working with:

 > > Elvis Costello and Lucinda Williams

 > > Eric Burdon with Jenny Lewis

 Man In The High Castle – “Sukiyaki” – used in Season 1, episode 2 starting at 33:01

To watch go to:

Good Girls Revolt

Mr Mercedes (in production)

17:00 The Right Music for the right job

Dexter and Latin Music

19:34 – Wrapup – Resources to connect with Music Supervisor Projects

 > > IMDB

 > > The Guild Of Music Supervisors

 > > SyncSummit Events




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