Sync Exchange Podcast 12 – A chat with multi-platinum, Grammy winning producer and songwriter Rob Fusari

Songwriter/Producer Rob Fusari


This podcast features truly compelling conversation with the multi-platinum, Grammy award winning producer, songwriter, music executive and artist Rob Fusari.

For those of you that may know know who Rob is, and what he’s done in music… shame on you.

Not only did he discover, collaborate with and develop Lady GaGa (including co-writes on “Again Again,” Beautiful, Dirty, Rich,” “Brown Eyes,” “Disco Heaven,” “Paparazzi” and “Vanity,” in his own right, he’s one of the most significant people in today’s music industry, and has composed and/or produced countless Billboard hits, including:

No No No” – Destiny’s Child

Bootylicious” – Destiny’s Child

Love That Man” – Whitney Houston

In This Skin” – Jessica Simpson

Train on the Track” – Kelly Rowland

Wild Wild West” – Will Smith

Shadow” – SM Town

And many, many more.

In his discussion with Sync Exchange Podcast host Mark Frieser, Fusari discusses how he began his musical journey as an eight year-old child prodigy playing Carnegie Hall to writing some of pop’s biggest hits, developing his producer shops, his discovery of and work with Lady Gaga, his current projects (The World of Cary Nokey) and the importance of sync to an artist’s career and creative outlook.

Below are some main points of the conversation:

0:00 – 5:30 – The evolution of a child prodigy to a songwriter.

5:30 – Connie Francis and Rob’s first collaborator, Irwin Levine

8:00 – Coming into his own as a music producer.

10:20 – Co-writing and producing pop’s hottest acts

22:15 – 9/11 and a change in direction.

25:10 – Meeting Stephanie Germanotta

27:10: Rob’s “Bowie” moment when Gaga sat down to play

29:04: A Partnership is born… and looking for a sound

30:57 – The Eureka Moment – A Sound is Born

31:22 – The toast of the labels and one of the the worst decisions of LA Reid‘s career

32:15 – Gaga in limbo – a star without a label

33:17 – One last call to Vince Herbert

33:40 – Jimmy Iovine says “I guess if everyone wants to do it, I’ll do it.”

34:45 – Akon goes Gaga for Gaga

35:00 – Jimmy Pushes the Button on Gaga

37:41 – Success is Opportunity meets Preparation

39:02 – Fallout

41:00 – New Chapter, New Artist (himself)

50:33 – Sync and how to approach music supervisors and projects from an artist’s perspective

56:00 – Visualizing your music in picture versus creating music for picture

58:50 – Why Sync is important to artists

1:00:00 – Breaking through sync

1:06:00 – Putting music first

1:12:00 – The Music Supervisor POV and their evolving role in the industry

1:18:35 – Current Projects – ABC and more

(Note:  The sound quality of this podcast leaves something to be desired due to an error with our recording software.  We made the decision to to keep the original podcast and do our best to fix it in post rather than re-record as we felt the quality of the content would be adversely affected. We hope you enjoy the podcast nonetheless and apologize in advance)
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