Steven Saltzman is a educator and music film editor of feature films and many other projects, including:

Steven Saltzman MPSE, MPEG

Music Editor



Best Music Editing In A Feature Film (Music Editor)


Best Music Editing In A Feature Film (Music Editor)


Best Music Editing In A Direct To Video (Music Editor)


Best Music Editing In Long Form Television (Music Editor)


Best Music Editing In A Musical Feature Film (Assistant Music Editor)




Brian Smrz

Tyler Bates

GOLDEN REEL Nomination

GOLDEN REEL Nomination


GOLDEN REEL Nomination

GOLDEN REEL Nomination



24 Hours To Live (2017) Fundamental Films / Thunder Road

The Tribes of Palos Verdes (2016) Relativity Media

Ballerina (2016) Caramel Film

Message From The King (2016) Entertainment One Features

Un Sac De Billes (2016) Gaumont

The Revenant (2015) New Regency Pictures

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“The Revenant”



“Dark Prince: The True Story Of Vlad Dracula”

“The Preacher’s Wife”

Brendan Malloy & Emmett Malloy

Gustavo Santaolalla

Eric Summer & Éric Warin

Klaus Badelt

Fabrice Du Weiz

Matthias Weber, Felix Penny

Christian Duguay


Alejandro González Iñárritu

Ryuichi Sakamoto Bryce Dessner Carsten Nicolai

Steven Saltzman: Music Editor

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Masterminds (2015) Relativity Media

Queen Of The Desert (2015) Benaroya Pictures

Lockdown (2015) Lions Gate Films

Marine 4: Moving Target (2015) WWE Productions

Vendetta (2015) Lions Gate Films

Brick Mansions (2014) Relativity Media

See No Evil 2 (2014) Lions Gate Films

Leprechaun: Origins (2014) Lionsgate Entertainment

Christmas Bounty (2013) WWE Studios / abc Family

12 Rounds: Reloaded (2013) WWE Studios

The Marine: Homefront (2013) WWE Studios

Movie 43 (2012) Relativity Media

Priest (2011) Screen Gems

Straw Dogs (2011) Screen Gems

Born To Be A Star (2011) Columbia Pictures

Seven Days In Utopia (2011) Utopia Pictures

Level Up (2011)
Turner Broadcasting System

Additional Editor


Geoff Zanelli

Werner Herzog

Klaus Badelt

Stephen Reynolds

Nathan Whitehead

William Kaufman

Jeff Tymoschuk

Sylvia & Jen Soska

The Newton Brothers

Camille Delamarre

Trevor Morris

Sylvia & Jen Soska

The Newton Brothers

Zach Lipovsky

Jeff Tymoschuk

Gil Junger

Scott Clausen

Roel Reine’

Nathan Furst

Scott Wiper

Robert Revell

Steve Brill, Brett Ratner, Peter Farrelly, & others
Tyler Bates, Christophe Beck, William Scott Stewart
Christopher Y oung

Rod Lurie

Larry Groupe’

Tom Brady

Waddy Wachtel

Matt Russell

Klaus Badelt

Peter Lauer (pro & dir)

Paul Robb

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Steven Saltzman: Music Editor

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The Hole (2009) Bold Films

The Answer Man (2009) iDeal Partners

Formosa Betrayed (2009) Formosa Films

Dragonball: Evolution (2009) 20th Century Fox)

War, Inc. (2008) (A John Cusack Film)

Alien Raiders (2008) Warner Bros.

Strange Wilderness (2008) Happy Madison / Level 1

Ghost Rider (2007) Sony Pictures

King Of California (2007) (Michael Douglas Prod.)

Believers (2007) Warner Bros.

The War Of The Vendee (2007) Navis Pictures

Deck The Halls (2006) 20th Century Fox

Walkout (2006) HBO


Javier Navarrete


Teddy Castellucci

Adam Kane

Jeff Danna


Brian Tyler


Dave Robbins


Kays Al-Atrakchi

Fred Wolf

Waddy Wachtel

Mark Steven Johnson

Christopher Young

Mike Cahill

Dave Robbins

Daniel Myrick

Kays Al-Atrakchi


Kevin Kaska

John Whitesell

George S. Clinton

Edward Olmos

Rosino Serrano

Christopher Coppola

Music Editor / Supervisor Ernest Troost

The Creature Of The Sunny Side Up Trailer Park

(2006) Plaster City

Bewitched (2005) Columbia

Additional Editor

Nora Ephron

George Fenton

Temp Editor Temp editor

Additional Editor

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Steven Saltzman: Music Editor

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Strangers With Candy (2005) Comedy Central

Santa’s Slay (2005) Media 8 Entertainment

Ark (2005) Digital Rim

The House Of D (2004) Lionsgate Entertainment

The Perfect Score (2004) Paramount

Dead And Breakfast (2004) Ambush Entertainment

A Guy Thing (2003) MGM

Temp Editor Additional Editor

Paul Dinello

Marcelo Zarvos

David Steiman

Henning Lohner

Kenny Hwang

Dennis C. Brown

David Duchovny

Geoff Zanelli

Brian Robbins

John Murphy

Matthew Leutwyler

Brian Vander Ark

Chris Koch

Mark Mothersbaugh

Lorna Cook

Hans Zimmer

John Lee Hancock

Carter Burwell

Randa Haines

Todd Boekelheide

Sylvester Stallone

John Powell

Rod Lurie

Jerry Goldsmith

David Mirkin

J. Debney / D. Elfman

Gary Nadeau

Alan Williams

Joe Chappelle

Frankie Blue

Po Chin Leong

Frankie Blue

Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron (2002) Temp / 2nd Editor DreamWorks

The Rookie (2002) Disney

The Outsider (2002) Phoenix Pictures

Eye See You aka D-Tox (2002) Universal

The Last Castle (2001) DreamWorks

HeartBreakers (2001) MGM

The Jennie Project (2001) Disney Channel

Dark Prince (2000) Kushner-Locke

The Darkling (2000) Universal

Temp / 2nd Editor

Temp / Assist. Editor

Temp / 2nd Editor

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Steven Saltzman: Music Editor

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How To Kill Your Neighbor’s Dog (2000) Millennium

Michael Kalesniko

David Robbins

Po Chin Leong

Daniel Licht

Kenneth Johnson

Daniel Licht

Matthew Leutwyler

Johannes Luey

Matthew Leutwyler

Marc Cresom

Stephen Grynberg

John McEuen

Ringo Lam

Robert Folk

Penny Marshall

Hans Zimmer

Robert Mandel

Gary Chang

Randal Kleiser

Joel Goldsmith

Cabin By The Lake (2000) Universal

Don’t Look Under The Bed (1999) Disney Channel

This Space Between Us (1999) Fault Line

Road Kill (1999) Fault Line

Love From Ground Zero (1998) Sandbox Films

Maximum Risk (1996) Columbia

The Preachers Wife (1996) Disney

The Substitute (1996) Live Entertainment

Shadow Of A Doubt (1995) aka Reasonable Doubt Largo Entertainment

Temp / 2nd Editor Assistant Editor Temp Editor Temp Editor

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Steven Saltzman: Music Editor

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Desperate Housewives (2007) ABC / Touchstone

Father Of The Pride (2005) NBC

V.I.P. (2000) ABC / Touchstone

Maximum Bob (1998) Warner Bros.

Hyperion Bay (1998-1999) Warner Bros.

My Last Love (1999) Avnet / Kerner


TV Series Additional Editor (selected episode)

Additional Editor. TV Series

TV Series



Marc Cherry (exec)
Danny Elfman / Steve Joblonsky

Mark Baldo

Harry Gregson-Williams

Pamela Anderson

Frankie Blue / Scott Greer

Barry Sonnefeld Frank South (exec)

Michael Tavara

Jordan Kerner / Prod.

J.A.C. Redford


BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC, Boston, Massachusetts

Bachelors Of Music, Composition & Film Scoring


Four Year Degree Program: Comprehensive Music / Electronic Music Synthesis

AVID Certified PRO TOOLS Instructor

– Jon Connolly
– Earl Hagan
– Dr. Albert Harris
– John Hess (Boston Conservatory)

(Since 2002)

Pro Tools Master Class
BMI Film Scoring Seminars
Private Orchestration and Composition Private Composition

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Steven Saltzman: Music Editor

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– Book: Music Editing For Film and Television: The Art and The Process (Routledge Press, A Taylor & Francis Group)


– AVID Audio pro tools certified instructor: 100, 200, 300 coursework
– Music Editing Course Instructor / Written by Steven Saltzman / Musicians Institute – Lecture for students: Expression College for Digital Arts
– Seminar and workshop: Motion Pictures Editors Guild
– Music editing sound workshop: Inner City Filmmakers


– Motion Picture Sound Editors (Board Of Directors & Member) – Motion Picture Editors Guild (Member)
– American Federation of Musicians (Member)
– Society of Composers & Lyricists Member)

– Board of Advisors – Los Angeles Community College, City College – Board of Advisors – Los Angeles University High School
– Board of Advisors – Hennepin Technical College, Minneapolis MN – Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education

– American Federation of Teachers: Los Angeles College Faculty Guild (Member) – Broadcast Music Inc. (Composer & Publisher)