If you want to be successful in the business of music for media, it’s vital to understand what the people who commission and license music want (music supervisors and everyone else making music decisions in ads, film, games, sports, brands, TV/streaming, interactive platforms and social media), and what you need to do to become a trusted, reliable resource for their projects.

Creating great music or having an amazing catalogue is just the first step to success. 

You also need to know how the business of music for media works, and how to refine every aspect of your approach so that you are presenting yourself, your company and especially your music to decision makers so you are seen as a problem solver and a true, reliable partner.

You need to know how to prepare and present your music both for the first time and for briefs, understand best practices in rights management, in metadata, in understanding negotiation, budgeting, in building your network and how you can refine every aspect of your approach in a way that will exponentially increase your chances of success in building out your network of industry decision makers and ultimately getting your music used in media.

Helping you to realize you and your music’s potential in media placement is the reason that music supervisor Chris Mollere and I created Sync Support.

Sync Support is a comprehensive 12- month mentorship program where we work with you on a personalized, ongoing basis to help you refine your approach to every aspect preparing, presenting, and placing your music in media projects.

The Sync Support program includes:

  • Evaluation of 26 of your songs live on zoom with personal feedback from me and Chris.
  • Monthly evaluation of your music through zoom, songwriting camps, or group listening sessions.
  • Weekly group discussions on aspects of the industry and QA from Sync Support Members.
  • Presentation of active, live briefs and music searches provided only to Sync Support Members.
  • Pop-up conversations and chats with music supervisors, creative executives, sync agents, producers and other decision makers in TV, film, streaming, ads, brands, grams and other forms of media.
  • A Free ticket to the Virtual Sync Summit.
  • Assistance with metadata, documentation, process, negotiation and other business issues as needed.
  • Consultation as needed with me and Chris via text message, phone or email.
  • Industry resources, documentation, and presentations on every aspect of music licensing as well as template documents and contracts.

Think of Sync Support as having two experienced personal consultants and mentors at your service to help you refine and focus your music licensing and creation practice, along with a host of other benefits.

If you’re interested in joining Chris and I as a member of Sync Support, we’d love to work with you, and as an extra incentive, until Saturday, April 6th, we’re lowering the enrollment fee from the normal $3499 to the discounted rate of $2250 for the first 10 people that sign up.  

Click here to sign up for Sync Support at the discounted rate.

This is the only time in 2024 we’ll offer this discounted rate for the Sync Support program and we hope you’ll join us and give Chris and I the opportunity to help you realize your potential in music for media.


Mark Frieser
Founder, Sync Summit