We’re having a one-time, sale on all of our upcoming Sync Summits – this is our biggest discount we’ll give on our events – $500 off the standard in-person rate and $250 off for both our NY Sync Summit (October 5-6, 2024) and our 2025 LA Sync Summit (February 3-6, 2025).

This drops the price for in-person tickets to $299 and the price for online-online tickets to $149.  So, if you’re planning on attending either or both of our events, this is the best time to get your ticket before prices go back up on Thursday, July 11.

Use one of the links below to take advantage of these one-time rates:

Sync Summit 2025 In-Person Tickets – use the discount code 24SIP

Sync Summit 2025 Online Tickets – use the discount code 24SO

NY Sync Summit In-Person Tickets – use the discount code 24ASIP

NY Sync Sync Summit Online Tickets – use the discount code 24ASO

This is the only time we’ll give these discounts, and after Friday, they’re gone. I hope you’ll take advantage of this one-time offer and sign up to attend Sync Summit at our lowest rates of the year.

(And, if you already signed up for one of our events at a higher rate, get in touch with me at mark@syncsummit.com and I’ll give you a credit for the difference between this sale rate and your original purchase price.)