The feel-good sound of Annah Omune Sidigu’s newest project, Chap Chap Chapati, is influenced by her Kenyan-American roots. This EP of three songs explores the immigrant experience, beginning with the expectations of many an immigrant parent—that their child will become “rich and famous”—and includes lyrics Annah’s father wrote when she was very young. It ends with two songs that place more emphasis on happiness than on material wealth—the ad-perfect “Mor mo Romo (A Happiness that Is Enough)” and the heart-throbbing “Sappy.” All of the songs in this unreleased EP have a playful, summertime feel and call to mind sunny beaches.

All songs are one-stop and available in the following formats: WAV, AIF, and MP3. An instrumental version of “Rich & Famous: Dreams of My Father” is also available.

Fun fact: The chapati, which is tied to Kenya’s colonial history, is a significant part of Kenya’s food culture and is one of Annah’s (and many Kenyans’) favorite foods. For more about the history of chapati and other foods in Kenya, check out “How Indian Food Made a Place for Itself in Kenya” by Slurrp.