QA with Sally House (Hit House)


Q1.  Tell us about yourself and why you started The Hit House.

“I started my career in an ad agency in South Africa – answering the phones, editing copy, and taking dogs to the vet. As you can tell, my talents were put to good use. Every great story should have an auspicious start! After doing a stint at agencies and moving to Los Angeles, I went client side as the Director of Marketing at Kenwood USA. Contrary to popular belief, the decision to create The Hit House wasn’t solely because of my love and passion for music and advertising. When my first daughter was born, it changed everything. Opening the doors of The Hit House gave both Scott and I the flexibility to create music and be available parents at the same time. Thanks to great mentors, supportive clients, and fantastic colleagues, The Hit House celebrates it’s 10th Anniversarythis September.”

Q2.  How does the Hit House help people who need music for their projects?

“We have a number of ways that we work with clients. When we compose custom tracks, the most impactful way is start at the concept stage of a project, and collaborate with the creative team. This gives our team a head start that allows plenty of time for imagination and innovation, and always gets a better end result.

One of the best things a brief can offer a company like ours is to leave enough room to be creative. Allow room for inspiration, something that can’t really be quantified. Be open to new ideas and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

We also have a high-end music library that is used frequently in motion picture and advertising campaigns. Having good, customizable reference tracks makes an editor’s job much easier.”

Q3.  What’s unique about your process – how you work with producers, music supervisors and other companies?

“Loving what you do is always a plus. The whole THH team still gets excited when we get to sink out teeth into original, clever concepts.

Personally, I have a unique perspective as I’ve worked on advertising campaigns from the agency, client, and vendor side. I understand how our creative fits into the entire production process, and how to get the best insights from our clients, to make sure we answer their needs.

As The Hit House, we take time to listen to the producers, creative directors and music supervisors, and research whatever we need to, to ensure we’re addressing their needs. It’s all part of the collaborative process.

We pride ourselves on our creativity, resourcefulness, and being easy to work with.”

Q4.  What about your approach to working with artists – who do you create with?

“Well, everyone at The Hit House is an artist in their own right. Our core team consists of:

Scott Miller – my partner and Creative Director who we like to call the Master Lyricist (he also whistles like nobody’s business)

William Hunt – Composer – his special ability is to make grown men cry while running a bow across his cello

Dan Diaz – Composer – the riff master and king of the ear worm

Chad Hughes – Four time Emmy nominated sound designer who’s responsible for every creak, whistle and hit at The Hit House”

Q5.  And finally, how can people work with you?

“Call me! The best thing about our industry and business is what a closely-knit community it is. We’re lucky to work with people we genuinely like and respect every day.”

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