The Sync School Course is a new online curriculum from Sync Summit designed to provide you with the tools you need to set up your own sync agency, sync department or simply better learn how to prepare, package and promote and distribute your music to decision makers in advertising, television, games, film, apps, the Internet, Live TV, in-store and more.

The Sync School Course will take you step-by-step through the what you need to do to create a sync competency that is professional, efficient and will get you better results. Here’s a sample of what you’ll get:

  • Lifetime access to all syllabus videos.

  • Licensing contracts templates.

  • Review sheets for the key points of each lesson.

  • Marketing and promotional email templates.

  • Step-by-step certification and testing after each video.

  • A verified certificate of competence test and certificate.

  • A one-hour post completion consultation with Sync Summit CEO Mark Frieser.

The Sync School Course is based on a series of one-hour instructional videos and corresponding materials, co-developed and co-authored with leading experts in the field – every lesson will feature an industry-recognized expert (like a sync lawyer, a music supervisor, coordinator, film editor or sync agent) and Sync Summit CEO Mark Frieser taking you through the steps and best practices of every important aspect of the sync business.

The areas of concentration for each one-hour session include:

  1. Getting Started: Sync for Beginners – what is Sync, how did it originate, who are the people in the business you need to know about, how sync works on a practical level, what are the basic steps between what does it mean to an artist’s career.

  2. Prepping Your Music for Sync, Part 1:Insight into music for sync – what works, what’s the motivation, what types are commonly looked for, how to present your music, what technical formats (instrumentals and stems and more) and what resources you should use.

  3. Prepping Your Music for Sync, Part 2: Discussion of Metadata, mastering, engineering, production and how to store and share your music.

  4. Know Your Rights:Discussion of contracts, splits, and why it is so important to know what you own, and who you are working with.

  5. Getting Paid:Your Sync Revenue Streams – from PROs, from labels, from publishers and directly from buyers. What are the ins and outs?  How does it work.

  6. Being of Service to the Music Buyer: How an attitude of service can help you get a lot more listens, a great relationship with a music supervisor and more syncs. How to email, call and connect with music supervisors, project leaders, producers and editors. How to build out your database of buyers, how to be politely persistent, and most important, how to follow up, be on time and be on budget.

  7. Composition and Collaboration for Media:A deep dive into the how, why and practical details of composition for projects, why projects need and use original music and how you, as a player, composer or producer, agent or other stakeholders, can position yourself for gigs and greater success.

  8. The International Market: Most people focus on the US Market, and a bit of Europe too, but in this chapter we’ll focus on the challenges, opportunities and how to navigate the international market for music in media and ads.

  9. Turning Sync into Audience and Sales:There’s a lot of talk about how getting a sync means more people hear and might buy your music, but how do you actually use the power of a sync to transform your career through the integration of social media, email, direct outreach, what are the tools and best practices.

  10. Steps to Sync Success. In this final session we’ll get into a review of some of the ways the best people in the business – sync agents, labels, publishers, artists, music supervisors, producers built their careers and what their secrets were for getting their objectives met.

In addition, we’re including a series of bonus session interviews with music supervisors and others that cover specific issues.  They include:

  1. Music in TV.This is a deep, creative dive with a music supervisor on music and television.
  2. Music in Film. A Deep creative dive into music for film with a music supervisor.
  3. Music for Games.A Deep creative dive into music for games with a music supervisor.
  4. Music for Apps. A Deep creative dive into music for apps with a music supervisor.
  5. Music for Ads. A Deep creative dive into music for ads with a music supervisor.
  6. Music for Brands. A Deep creative dive into music for brands with a music supervisor.
  7. 1 on 1 with a Lawyer. A discussion with a key music lawyer of the specific challenges and opportunities in the world of music licensing.

Upon completion, we’ll send you a test to take, and once you complete and pass it, we’ll send you a Certificate of Certification that you’ve completed the course.

The entire Sync School Course begins in December 2019, at the total price of $2500, but if you sign up before launch, we’ll give you the low price of $1500 – that’s $1000 off the standard rate, and a value at any price to get the practical knowledge and tools you need to really succeed in Sync.

Sign up now and we’ll add in a free pass to any of our Supervisor Listening Sessions. 

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