Confirmed Speakers As Of January 26, 2023 (Many More To be announced)


First Name Last Name Company Title
AJ Tobey Head of A&R Rough Trade Publishing
Allyson Aranez Music Supervisor Aspect
Amelia McCloskey AM Licensing Director
Ashley Neumeister Farquhar Productions SVP
Barry Cole Music Supervisor/Founder Spotmusic
Beau Thompson 72 And Sunny Sr. Manager, Partnerships and Legal
Briana Cash Brianna Cash Music Founder/Music Supervisor
Brianna Shelko Founder/Chief Music Officer Level up music productions
Brittany Whyte Whyte Room Music Supervision Founder/Music Supervisor
Bryan Hinkley Gratitude Sound Executive Music Producer
Casey Brown 72 And Sunny Director, partnerships and Legal
Chazz Padilla Trailer Composer/CEO Epicenter Trailer Music
Chris Mollere Fusion Music Founder + Music Supervisor
Cindy Kramer Head of Sync 3000 Years Music Publishing
Danny Newcombe Founder/CEO Incanto
Darice G CEO/Founder Synaspe Publishing and Entertainment
David Schulhof CEO MUSQ
David Leon Sound Mind Music Founder/Music Supervisor/Composer
Einer Helde Co-Founder AIMS
Eki Shola Eki Shola Artist
Eric Johnson Music Supervisor/Music Producer DJ Bunny Ears
Flannery Johnston Senior Manager, TV Film & Advertising Lyric House
Gary Nuell Nuell Entertainment Founder/Music Supervisor
Gary Calamar Go! Music President/Music Supervisor
Heather Evans Artist, Producer Heather Evans
Howie Weinberg Mastering Engineer Howie Weinberg Mastering
Jason Kramer One Drop Sync/KCRW Founder-Music Supervisor/DJ
Jay L. Cooper Founder, West Coast Entertainment Practice GreenbergTrauig
Jennifer Smith Rat Dance Party Founder/Music Supervisor
Jim Anderson Co-Founder Metavate
Joe Rudge Music Supervisor Silent Partners
Joel Thomas Jordan Synchtank Founder and President
Joel C. High President | Music Supervisor Creative Control
Jona Higa COO Surf
Jordan Passman Score A Score Founder and CEO
Jorge Martinez Bark At Your Owner Music Supervisor
Joshua Rabinowitz Brooklyn Music Experience President
Justin Gray Songwriter/Producer and Founder Songistry
Katrina Balcius Disco Head Of Sales
Kevin Wilson ESPN SVP, Music
Laura Katz Music Supervisor SupeTroop
Lauren Ray Artist and Soingwriter Lauren Ray
Leah Streetman CEO/Music Supervisor Triton Creative Group
Linn Westerberg Director Epidemic Sound
Lionel Lodge SyncLodge Founder and CEO
Luciana Peroger Trends Brasil Conference Founder/Organiser
Luis Maurico Lizarralde Music Supervisor
Mark Hannah Trailer Composer and Prducer Boomerang Music
Mark Garfield Pop-Up Music Managing Director
Matan Kollnescher Founder/CEO Mypart
Matt DR. Fink Keyboardist, Producer The Revolution
Maura Duvall Griffin Partner Eternal Music Group
Michael Kauffman Clios Executive Director, Clio Cannibis, Clio Music
Michele Vice-Maslin Sweeter Songs Founder
Michelle Lockey Singer-Songwriter Michelle Lockey Music & Licensing Songs Academy
Mick Lloyd Mick Lloyd Productions Founder
Mike Locke Owner Silver Side Productions
Mike Turner Mike Turner Media Founder/Music Supervisor
Moana Avveneti Producer/Songwriter/Artist Moana A.
Nicole Sanzio InDigi Music President
Pamela Pagano OML Sync Owner
Patricia Carrera Music Supervisor Control Freaks
Pei Pei Chung Partner and Producer What Up Pitches
Randy Fritch LoveCat Music President
Ritch Esra Founder/CEO Score Magazine/Music Business Registry
Samantha Parvin Parvin Music President
Santigo Uribe Music Supervisor Audiobit Studios
Scott Velasquez Frisson Sync CEO/Founder
Scott Dudley Push Music Creative Director
Selina Moore COO Trevanna Tracks
Sherry Orson Star Vibe Group CCO,
Steve Scharf Steven Scharf Entertainment President
Tamara Bubble Founder and CEO For Goodness Sync
Venus Leone Venus Leone Audio Engineer
Wallace Collins Law Offices Of Wallace Collins Of Counsel
Wendy Griffiths Truly Music Sync Owner
Billy Sullivan Producer/Songwriter/Artist SULLYSTONE MUSIC