Connect Your Music to and Speak Directly With Music Supervisors, Music Coordinators and Sync Agents – $100 per admission – 2 songs listened to live per session.

Do you want to directly connect your music with leading music supervisors, sync agents and producers, get access to exclusive briefs and get feedback on your music? Of course you do, and we are here to help.

Here’s the links to the current Music Listening Sessions:

Our Supervisor Listening Sessions are a great way for you to connect with and get your music heard and get essential feedback from top music supervisors in TV, film, video games, ads, trailers, brands, apps, podcasts and the Internet.  Here’s how it works:

  1.  We hold a two-hour+ online listening session with a top music supervisor, coordinator or agent that’s strictly limited to thirty registrants. We do this to make sure all participants get heard, get to interact and get their music evaluated.
  2. Every paid participant can submit 2 songs for evaluation for listening and evaluation during the session by the guest with one more for future listening.
  3. If the guest has any current projects, they’ll share this information whit participants before the session so you can submit music specific to their needs.
  4. Every paid participant will get a video archive of the session.

Every Sync Music Listening Session gets your music directly into the ears of a music supervisor, sync agent or producer who’ll get you valuable feedback – and you’ll make a valuable new connection.

And everyone who takes part as a paid participant gets the following benefits:

  • Making a personal connection with a music supervisor, coordinator or sync agent where you can meet and talk directly.
  • Submitting a total of three songs for our guest to review and keep for their projects.
  • Having two songs listened to and get live feedback during the session.
  • Getting live briefs to submit music if the guest has an active music search.
  • Getting a video archive of the session for future review.
  • Getting your songs shared with the guest in a final playlist for future review and usage in their projects.
  • Getting your music shared to everyone in Sync Summit’s network and our social media.

And though we cannot guarantee that your music will be synced by our guests for their productions or companies, many past attendees of our listening sessions have had their music used by the over 200 music supervisors that have taken part in our listening sessions since 2017.

In these sessions, you get the advice from and connection to key decision makers will give you the invaluable feedback you can use to fine-tune your approach to music supervisors and their projects.