Sync Summit is the world’s premiere event for networking, education and sharing knowledge in the business of music licensing for visual and interactive media. 

Our event’s mission is to provide attendees with the knowledge, tools and networking opportunities to do business in the business of music licensing and composition for TV, film, brands, ads, games, apps, social media, steaming platforms and ads.

Following is information and links to learn more about our upcoming events:

NEW DATES: September 6-8: Summer Sync/Tech Summit: This is a new event that will take place for three days online with a two day in-person component in Nashville and will focus on making connections and learning best practices in all aspects of sync, including how to prepare and submit music, best practices in metadata, production, contracts, and many opportunities to submit your music to industry decision makers.  In addition, this event will also feature a series of conversations and demos with companies that are creating some of the most innovative technology solutions for sync, including companies utilizing NFTs, Blockchain, AI and other crucial tech to make the business of music licensing better.

Registration is open now – click here to learn more and sign up.

February 7-10 2023: The 2023 Sync Summit: This is our flagship annual event, featuring four days of networking, education, music and workshops covering every aspect of sync with over 100 speakers from TV, Film, advertising, brands, games interactive platforms, tech, law, finance and of course music. The event will be a hybrid event, with all sessions available online and in-person in Los Angeles.

Early registration is open now – click here to learn more and register.

Why Attend SyncSummit?  

By attending a SyncSummit, you’ll get unprecedented access to the information and the contacts you need to succeed in syncing and scoring your music.  These benefits include:

Real interaction with and access to keynotes and panelists.

As an attendee of SyncSummit, you’ll be able to network with speakers before, during and after the event – both in the daytime and at the nighttime receptions and showcases.

Before the event, we work with you to set up meetings on your behalf.  

We connect you to the speakers and other attendees before the event so that you can network and set up meetings to discuss working together.

During the event, we connect you with the people who can help you get your music placed.  

This means that we’ll connect you with both music supervisors, brands, ad agencies and more important, the publishers, labels, managers, sync agencies and representatives that music buyers trust and work to get music for their projects.  No other event out there does this.

After the event, a list of every attendee and speaker, including their contact details.  

After SyncSummit, we distribute to every attendee a list that includes the email contacts of every single attendee and speaker so that you can follow up to the conversations you’ve had at the event.    

Simply put, if you want to get your music connected to brands, ad firms, music supervisors and the projects they work on, SyncSummit is a must-attend event.