Good  metadata in your MP3s is one of the keys for success in today’s music industry, not only for sync, but also so your music can be found by AI systems and search engines.

The quality of your metadata is directly related to how easily your music can get found and how you can get paid for your music.

Good metadata also shows anyone that receives your music that you are an organized professional, it builds confidence in the minds of music supervisors and others that you are someone they can do business with, and it makes is far easier for them to find and categorize your music.

Without good metadata, many music supervisors won’t listen to or license your music.  Metadata’s that important. And I want to make sure that everyone’s metadata is the best it can be.

That’s why I created this Guide: so that every musician, every sync agent, every label, publisher and every person knows how to store, enter and update their metadata the right way, every time, all the time.

This Guide has been designed to give you the information and tools you need to make sure the metadata you input in your MP3s is both accurate and effective.

To download the Sync Summit Metadata style guide, click this link: