Sync Summit Consulting: Helping You Prep for Sync Success

We’re here to provide you with experienced, professional help and assistance to get your music ready for success in sync – and to guide you every step of the way so you can concentrate on making music.

That’s where our Prep For Sync Service comes in.  Dependent on your needs, we will work directly with you to make sure you and your music are ready for presenting to music supervisors, ad agencies, game developers, brands, streaming services, app developers, game companies and studios for placement in their projects.

Are you an artist, composer, label, publisher, management company, producer, music library, sync agency, tech or service provider looking to prepare, package and present your music to decision makers in TV, film, games, apps, brands and advertising?

Are you a brand, agency, studio or visual content creator looking for assistance in setting up or hiring a third-party for your sync licensing and composition needs?

Then Sync Summit’s consulting services can help you access to the tools, best practices and contacts you need to succeed in music licensing and composition.

As your consultant, Sync Summit puts our comprehensive network, connections, relationships and experience in music and media to work to get you and your business results – giving you the best possible access to the research, intelligence, people, processes and projects that will poise you for success.

Our Consulting services include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Assessment, organization and set up of music catalog for licensing.
  • Set up and confirmation of Metadata, ISRC codes, storage of content.
  • Administration, confirmation and organization of IP, including contracts, splits, agreements.
  • Development and provision of basic business and communication documentation.
  • Business Development and Marketing setup and assistance.
  • Instruction on music supervision and music placement.
  • Market analysis and assessment.
  • Acting as a third-party sync promotion department (for rights owners/licensors).
  • Acting as a third-party song clearance and sync department (for licensees).
  • Helping you set up your own sync department, including organization and hiring (for both licensors and licensees).
  • Assistance in setting up your PRO account
  • Setting up your song lyrics on 70+ platforms.
  • Setting up a storage solution for organizing of your music
  • Mixing and Mastering of your music by top-level mastering engineers
  • Providing you with or administrating any agreements for placements
  • Assessing potential Sync Agent agreements and referrals
  • Setting up custom, targeted playlists for distribution to music supervisors and projects
  • Writing custom correspondence and EPKs for sync placement purposes.
  • Promote you and your music to our 40,000 social media and email list.
  • In-person or remote seminars and learning sessions.
  • In-person or remote listening sessions.
  • Meeting arrangement, assistance and accompaniment.

Our goal as your consultant is to help you succeed in a complicated and competitive marketplace.

From the second that we engage with you, we’ll assess your current situation and come up with a plan to prep you for sync in the most efficient and productive manner possible.

Sync Summit’s consulting services are available on a per-hour, per-week, per-month, ongoing or per-project basis, dependent on your unique needs, budget and volume of work.

Our experience, expertise and connections in the industry are unparalleled, and our rates are competitive.

If you’re interested in learning more or hiring Sync Summit to help you prep for success in sync, email Sync Summit CEO Mark Frieser at to schedule a conversation to discuss your goals, needs and how we can help you prep for success in sync.