This is the list of participants in the February 27th Listening Session with Mike Turner. Click the links to hear the music. A full list with information on all participants will be provided after the session. 

  1. Tasso Zapanti
  2. Nina Wertz
  3. Robin Sandoval
  4. Pal Sheldon
  5. Eddy Bishai
  6. Lina Farah
  7. Scotty and Elizabeth Lund
  8. Jennifer Barlow
  9. Terry Gorka
  10. Robin and Gary Earl
  11. Steve Alex
  12. Kati Mac 
  13. The Castros
  14. Linn Brown
  15. Madelyn Kirby
  16. David Easton
  17. Mike McHugh
  18. Sherry Lynn-Lee
  19. Dan Ludke