ABMI (The Brazilian Independent Music Association) is the largest association of record companies in Brazil with over 100 labels as members.

ABMI is The Brazilian Independent Music Association, a non-profit organization founded in 2002 by a colition of independent phonographic producers with the mission to coordinate, develop and grow the Brazilian music industry. As the Brazilian music market has grown in impotantce, so too has the organization’s role.

As such, ABMI has become the largest Brazilian association of record companies, with a membership of 106 companies, producers, artists and rights holders managing music rights through independent music companies, labels and publishers. ABMI’s member includes labels such as Biscoito Fino, MCD, Yb, Discobertas, MZA, Atração, Albatroz, CCC Records, CID, Dabliu, Eldorado, Lab 344, Lua Music, Movieplay, Palavra Cantada, Rob Digital, Velas, Luar Music, Caco Music, Delira Musica, Coqueiro Verde and Sala de Som, among many others.

Its members comprise a vast catalogue that covers a wide variety of musical styles, representing the largest share of current production in the Brazilian music market. Together with its membership, ABMI works to move the Brazilian music industry forward, contributing to its development, growth and management and launching and development of new artists. This includes some of the most important Brazilian artists and producers as associates like Roberto Menescal, Olivia Hime, Chico Cesar, Marco Mazzolla, Wilson Souto Jr., Benjamin Taubkin, among many others.