1. Alexis Kesselman: – Will pitch and share music in class
  2. Catrina Seiffert: Song link here and will pitch in class https://soundcloud.com/catrina-seiffert/find-your-way
  3. Christina Meyer Will pitch and share music in class
  4. Daniel Leanse:

    Brand:   Kay Jewelers

    Artist:   Daniel & The Brave 

    Title:  Who Are You?

    45 Second TV Spot – Music and V.O.

  5. Daniel Norwick: will pitch and share in class
  6. Eric James: Link to one-page pitch with embedded music link
  7. Gareth Worthy: Will pitch in class or during office hours.
  8. Gary Earl: Music and pitch at this link
  9. Israel Charles:  will pitch and share music in office hours.
  10. Jacqueline Van Bierk: Links are below:

    Link to one page pitch

    My song choice: “Born To Be” by Pinkstar 

    I would pitch the instrumental as well as the vocal track and maybe use the hook lyric at the very end.
  11. Janine De Souza: Will present pitch during class – link to music is here – https://s.disco.ac/ehzfcedgicka
  12. Jim Symonds: Will Pitch and present during class
  13. Kathy and Ziggy Modeliste: One sheet links (we will choose one)Gonna Have A Party: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p4n7pvjkdch6888/Gonna%20Have%20a%20Party-%20Jomod%20Music%20Publishing%20Lesson%204.pdf?dl=0Les Bon Temps Roule: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0zfzszen3plqdfw/Les%20Bon%20Temp%20Roule%20-%20Lesson%204%20Jomod%20Music%20Publishing.pdf?dl=0
  14. Kati Mac: Brief and links below (will choose one of the three music links for listening:

    Artist: Kati Mac

    Company: Best Friends Animal Society Song: Ride Home                            HELP SAVE THEM ALLhttps://soundcloud.com/kati-mac/ride-home  full songhttps://soundcloud.com/kati-mac/ride-home-best-friends-pitch-sq/s-6bHoi01Lp3C   pitch track 1

    https://soundcloud.com/kati-mac/ride-home-only-love-best-friends-pitch-sq/s-YeuFC0slBog  pitch track 2

    1 Kati Mac singer/songwriter, animal lover,

    advocate for kindness and compassion for all sentient beings!

    Do you know that approximately 4,100 domestic pets are killed EVERY DAY in animal shelters across the US for space?

    Not for poor health, not for aggressive behavior, but for space.

    I know we can do better than that.

    The company I would love to have my song “Ride Home” associated with is

    2 Best Friends Animal Society

    They have been the Leader in the no kill shelter movement for 30 years!

    Motto: Help Save Them All

    Mission: To bring about a time when there are No More Homeless Pets through community programs and partnerships.

    Vision: A better world through kindness to animals

    3  People Love Best Friends Animal Society

    Most Pet owners are CRAZY about their pets.

    And hate the thought of kill shelters.

    4 My music connects to the Best Friends Brand Image and fans because Not only have I been a volunteer at my local animal shelter, have adopted many senior shelter pets,

    I have also created a children’s book series called

    “The Secret Adventures Of Scruffy MacMuffin” and accompanying CD “Dog Vacation” to spotlight the plight of Senior Shelter pets and to ban ALL kill shelters.

    Scruffy MacMuffin’s motto is “Kindness Compassion, Respect, Woof”.

    Best Friends Animal Society and myself are a perfect fit because “Everyone Deserves A Second Chance”! and “A Ride Home”.

  15. King Fernand: Will pitch in class – here’s the link to the music https://s.disco.ac/ibxwuwlknhga
  16. Lynda Levy: Will pitch and play song in class
  17. Mike McHugh: Link to pitch and embedded music link
  18. Renee Ruth: Will pitch and play in class.
  19. Richie Kaye: Will pitch and play in class.
  20. Steven Gart: Will pitch and play in office hours.
  21. Susan Friend: Will pitch and play in class.
  22. Suzanne Grzanna: Will pitch in class – music link is here: https://s.disco.ac/hakkfzdfjvbi 
  23. Virginia Cohen: Will pitch and play in class
  24. Tara Austin: Link To Pitch and music

    And link to one-page
  25. Jeana Gladstone: Link to pitch video