Alethea’s voice gives you chills. Her powerful performances leave you wanting more.

Whether with bare piano keys or dashes of ear-tingling electronica, she explores her own relationships with a subtlety that captures the raw yearning inside all of us.

Her confessional torch folk sounds like Sarah McLaughlin mixed with EDM and a touch of PJ Harvey and Shakira. On stage and in her music videos, her soul finds fiery expression.

Alethea grew up in the country of Hubbard, Oregon as well as the city of Portland, Oregon. She has performed all over the US and the world including Germany, China, Sacramento, San Francisco, Idaho, Oregon, and New York. She discovered she wanted to be a musician in a tunnel in Freiburg, Germany after writing the song “Butterflies”

This is her second concert in LA and second co-produced event.


(503) 593-9333