I am an artist-singer-songwriter, topliner, guitarist, pianist & producer with extensive experience in singing leads and harmonies. My music is Alternative-Groove-Rock with some jazzy songs sprinkled in. I’m also a vocal coach and the founder of a songwriting accountability group called FiftySongs where participants write a song every week for a year. I also do songwriting retreats on white water rafting trips called RiverSongs Retreats. 

As an artist I am releasing my fourth album this year after a 15 year hiatus from releasing new music. I have had my music placed in a children’s museum exhibit that ran for 11 years between two museums, opened for Lee Greenwood and played many venues around the US.

The foundation of FiftySongs is to teach songwriting skills and give participants accountability to write their songs each week. I just finished the second year of FiftySongs and my participants have an extensive catalog of really great music. FiftySongs is currently morphing into not just education but artist development and production and I see it being a sync licensing resource. I have many talented songwriters in my group who write in many different styles.

I have my own studio with a Lawson mic and Chandler mic chain and have a close working relationship with my producer Matt Wilder who is an incredible songwriter, singer, producer & multi-instrumentalist who can also mix and master. The two of us are able to turn radio ready songs around quickly. 

I am based in the Bay Area and go to Nashville frequently.