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Everyone who has ever experienced music synchronized to picture knows the undeniable impact that it plays. APM Music has been a crucial part of that experience for over 30 years with everything from the smallest of indie films to the largest blockbuster studio releases; television sit-coms to commercials and sports broadcasting; video games to mobile handheld games; and, even musical greeting cards to online user-generated content. You name any possible traditional use for music to its application to new technologies and we are there.

It’s no surprise then that APM Music is the world’s leading creative music house and production music library, renowned for the unique quality and range of our music, indispensable because of our service and respected for our integrity. We offer every imaginable music genre from current indie band sounds and bombastic trailer cues to timeless classical music recordings.

With over 50 diverse libraries, we have the largest, deepest and broadest music collection in the industry–over 500,000 tracks produced by the industry’s most respected and admired libraries including KPM MusicBrutonSonotonCezame and Kosinus. We use only the foremost orchestras, top session players, revolutionary artists and indie trendsetters to record the compositions and songs created for APM Music.

APM provides a full range of music services including music replacement services, custom scoring and Music Director assistance to help you find the best tracks for your production. Additionally, we offer a wide variety of choices for digital access to our music, including our state-of-the-art search, download and project management application, as well as local server installation, portable drives and more. It is our commitment to creativity, quality and customer service that has made us the industry leader for more than 30 years.