Margie Balter – Baby Grand Publishing

Balter’s first film coaching job was teaching Scott Paulin to play Chopin for the film CAPTAIN AMERICA, but her theatrical coaching career was catapulted when she signed on to coach Holly Hunter for the film THE PIANO. Hunter played the role of a woman who was unable to talk and could only speak through the piano.  With the help of Balter’s skillful guidance, Hunter immersed herself in piano studies and went on to earn the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance. Following the success of THE PIANO, Balter coached Tom Cruise for INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, Scarlett Johansson for THE MAN WHO WASN’T THERE, Sandra Bullock for THE NET, Susan Sarandon for TWILLIGHT, Stephen Lang and Chris Demetral for JOURNEY OF THE HEART, Wade Allain-Marcus for BERKELEY, Barbara Hershey for PORTRAIT OF A LADY, Sanaa Lathan for HBO’s DISAPPEARING ACTS and Kevin Spacey for BEYOND THE SEA.       

Balter’s work is very recognizable in the 2005 MGM film BEAUTY SHOP. Balter not only coached Paige Hurd (Vanessa) and Djimon Honsou (Joe), but also composed the piece ‘Finding My Wings’, which is featured prominently in Hurd’s piano recital scene.  Balter also played and arranged solo piano segments for the film.

While serving as a Piano Teacher to the Stars, Balter has also enjoyed success with her own compositions having contributed to numerous films and composing Dan Jansen’s theme for the 1988 US Olympic Committee film CITY OF GOLD and composing the entire score for the Sci-Fi Thriller LIGHTSPEED, starring David Carradine and Karen Black.

In her own pursuits of the stage and acting, Balter has performed in numerous films, television shows and theater pieces, was in the improv comedy troupe The Lunatics for 10 years and still performs her one-woman show, ‘Music, Dreams And Movies.’  At the piano she has performed for countless audiences, including private event performances for Dustin Hoffman, James Garner, Michael Keaton, Michelle Pfeiffer and David E. Kelly.  

Balter has also served as music director of the New York production of SLAIN IN THE SPIRIT with music by Taj Mahal, developed an autobiographical sitcom entitled Baby Grand and released her original solo piano CD, MUSIC FROM MY HEART: Solo Piano Pieces by Margie Balter.