Bonnie is always creating new content and pitching for sync and artist opportunities. A busy, creative, and versatile MULTI-GENRE Songwriter, she writes solo and collaboratively — lyrics and music, as well as top lining. She works with talent (artists, producers, writers) in various locations, but is based in Philadelphia and Nashville.

Bonnie has a few sync placements, including with SUBARU of AMERICA and “The Climate Reality Project” (a global online conference hosted by former Vice President Al Gore). She also has several indie artist cuts in several genres.

Involved in the music industry for many years, Bonnie has worn a number of hats, gaining some unique perspectives. Previously and currently, she performs; organizes artist and educational/ networking events; manages and serves as a booking agent; presents to various groups on music topics, and volunteers with music organizations. She has written feature articles for an industry magazine and has served as a (local) Coordinator for a world-wide music organization, and more.


Bonnie has won SONG OF THE YEAR at the POSI Music FESTIVAL (two years in a row), SONG OF THE YEAR Midwest CMA Awards (performed by – and cowritten with – The Band of the Year); and the GRAND PRIZE at the Pensacola Songwriting Festival, among others.  Do contact her for virtual or in-person coffee !!

615-636-3609; 610-420-9388           

BONNIE WARREN, EPK 2024 PRIVATE SOUND CLOUD LINKS: (Have many more songs, styles, themes, etc.)

1)Time to Begin: ONE STOP, anthemic, inspirational, male vocal

2) Lovers In A Past Life – ONE STOP, sensual, romantic with mysterious undertones, female vocal.

3) Crush It – ONE STOP, percussive, anthemic, rock, sports, male vocal

4) Dear Heart –EASY CLEAR, singer-songwriter, female, love after heartbreak

5) Perfect Fit –EASY CLEAR, Americana, duet, relationship, positive