Bonnie Warren is a busy and versatile songwriter who splits her time between Nashville and Philadelphia, working with talent in both areas. Bonnie writes (music and lyrics) in a number of genres. In the past two years, she has had 28 indie cuts in seven (7) different genres- Country, Rock, Jazz, Pop, Children’s, Christian, and Christmas.

Some recent awards Bonnie’s music has won: In 2016 her song won the Grand Prize in the Pensacola Songwriters Festival Song Contest, where she was a featured performer the following year. In both 2019 and 2020 respectively, two of her songs won the Song of The Year Award at the POSI Music Festival (Social Justice Category. In 2019 she was a cowriter on the Song of the Year in the Midwest CMA Awards, with the Band of the Year (Lake N Lyndale). Bonnie has also served on conference panels at The All Music Fest in PA for a number of years.

She has had a number of single song publishing deals, and her songs have been performed in Nashville, NY, Philadelphia, and on the Cayamo “Journey of the Song” Cruise. A few of her tunes have been licensed to cable TV and appear in indie film.

Working with various artists, Bonnie’s current emphasis is on songwriting and co-producing—and she also dabbles a bit in PR and promotion. Over the years though, she has held a number of different positions in the music industry. She has booked a venue, co-coordinated a chapter of an international music organization, and organized varying events for the music community, including educational and networking workshops. She also developed a “summer music in the park” series, written music feature articles for an arts magazine (WHOA), volunteered at music events, and served as a judge in songwriting / performance contests. In college she was the lead singer/guitarist in a cover band.

Bonnie is always open to meeting new people and working on new projects.

She is a true creative and really enjoys the collaborative process. Bonnie’s philosophy is that each cowrite stretches the songwriters’ muscles in new and different ways. Feel free to contact her to meet for “virtual coffee” and see where things go!

Email: Bonniewarrenmusic!

615-636-3609 (cell); 610-420-9388 (cell)


Video of her performing one of her songs:

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