Brett Hammond

I am a music producer / mixing and mastering engineer whose work includes crafting professional recordings for use in sync and general commercial releases using the latest technology in music software. With many years of digital and analog studio experience, I have been collaborating with artists to help them find their sonic brand and I offer these studio engineering/mixing and mastering services both on site in the studio and remotely.

I have worked with artists who have released music that has aired on national and regional radio stations in both the UK and the USA, The Derls, Spirit Fox, Andrew Salgado and Paul Dutton are acts that I have had the honor and pleasure of working with recently.

I am actively looking for artists to help create the best possible professional music recordings for sync licensing and placements for for film, TV, video games and online media. By producing world class mixed and mastered music it is easier to advance their career.

Take a listen to my playlist below for recent releases.

I am based in the USA.