Founder of the justb Creative Collective and justbmusic that evolved from the belief in creative collaboration with the many talented artists and musicians of New York City’s ever changing canvas.

From pop and country to big bands and jazz, early family life provided a wide spectrum of musical flavors to excite young ears that would become the foundation and fabric for a true love of all music and sound. Growing up as an alto sax player in concert and jazz bands formed and understanding and appreciation for how music is created. As a teenager picking up the guitar and exploring recording and mixing expanded the excitement of music into songwriting and production that continues today.

Following an opportunity a number of years ago to create the music for the Barbara Walters ABC Special ‘Her Story’ I became interested in writing music and songs for TV and film. As part of the Art of the Song Pitch I have recently been pitching songs to music supervisions from Instinct Entertainment, Supergroup and Chop Shop Music and looking to continue extending my network and opportunities in the music sync world.