Bridget Flynn

Partner & Chief Executive Officer


Bridget joined Grayson Music (formerly Grayson Matthews) in 2009. Grayson

Music Group represents a multitude of music-focused companies, including

Grayson Music, The Wilders, The Music Assembly, and SNGL. As CEO, Bridget

oversees the business of Grayson Music and all the companies under the umbrella. She combines her strategic and creative thinking to help develop groundbreaking work and drive the brands forward. Her abilities land her right at the intersection of business, creativity, and technology. She is particularly passionate about promoting the value of music, artists, and copyright, forging new partnerships, and exploring new directions – the key to exciting creative opportunities and expanding globally.

In her time at Grayson, Bridget has helped launch several new companies and

divisions, and overseen the expansion from Toronto to New York, LA, and Nashville, creating what Grayson Music Group is today. Founded in a culture of collaboration, the award-winning teams work with hundreds of agencies,

brands, and networks every year with a mission to elevate content through music and sound. Grayson is on a mission to make music that matters to people. Music is cultural, and its impact can be seen across every race, gender, and identity in our communities -which is why the Grayson Music Group is constantly and intentionally expanding its network to reflect inclusivity while maintaining authenticity in its craft.

Instagram: @wearegraysonmusic

TikTok: @graysonmusic