Bryan Hinkley – Owner/Executive Producer at Gratitude Sound.

Bryan’s dynamic career in the music industry started with multiple album releases and years of international touring in the punk bands Tree, Gang Green, Clutch, and Never Got Caught. In addition, he’s had the titles of a tour manager, stage manager, and guitar tech for other artists. After earning a Professional Certificate in Studio Production from Berklee Online while working for a Nashville-based music house, Bryan teamed up with some friends and started Gratitude Sound in 2014.

Since 2014, Gratitude Sound has built a lengthy list of return clients by providing supervision, original music, and licensing for advertising agencies and production companies. Working with a team of composers, established artists, and emerging talent, Bryan is responsible for the daily operations as well as the creative director at Gratitude Sound. His composition work has been featured in multiple TV commercials, films, and network television shows.