Carol Lester is a One Stop, Self Published Songwriter, Performer, Vocal Arranger and Producer with music licensed for projects in TV, Film & Ads.  Carol’s Catalogue includes One Stop Originals in Jazz, Indie Ambient. Rock and Children’s Music. A few of Carol Lester’s Covers have been Produced by Internationally acclaimed Film Producers in Italy, Poland and Argentina. Carol hosts live and virtual “Sunday Songwriters in The Round” which features International One Stop Composers, Grammy Winners & Sync Industry Speakers.  Carol served as an IMA Industry Judge (Independent Music Awards)for the 6 years she was VP at MamaPalooza Records.

Carol is also a Sync Agent to Bianchi Musica’s String Ensemble Re Imagined Pop from Chopin to Beyonce. Their exquisite catalogue includes John Legend, Beyonce, ColdPlay, Adele, ; And, Sync Agent to John Mulrenan’s Retro 70s 80s R&B & Funk. She is honored to represent their exquisite Catalogues.


+1 551-358-2135