Caroline Hill Moore is an award winning film composer, songwriter, producer and engineer who was classically trained and, at the age of eight, composed her first piano solo. After completing college, she studied music composition with Sherwood Shaffer at the North Carolina School of the Arts. She later studied music with Sir Leo Arnaud, who is most noted for composing “Bugler’s Dream” used as the “Olympic Theme.”


Ranked #1 locally, #2 In the region,#126 in the Nation on Reverb Nation as a Classical Composer. 2.9 K Fans. Collaborated and completed 2 Trailer Cinematic Pop Songs which are actively being pitched.
What Up Pitches Catalogue for Sync Licensing, Composer Starlyte Sound Music Publishing, Big Score Music, Fliktrax

Completed 6 month Six Figure Songwriting Mentorship with Cathy Heller
IMDb Credits.

In 2008 she orchestrated Strings for Rob Fusari (2008) Orchestrated Strings,Horns,Harp for Earl Cohen (2008) Caroline also scored classical music for a London based choreographer and dancer. Her music was featured in Muhleres,Bah a short film written by Short Film and was shown in the short film corner of the Cannes Film Festival.

Oprah/Harpo Music Library (2007) – TV show, USA – Harpo Composer –
Caroline scored a new music video “Rising Towards The Sun”…..Produced by Film Producer and award winning visual effects artist Jon Sorensen.
The Raven-Short Film 2007-Composer- [Drama] Kristina Perez; Life:The Way We Live It – Short Film 2007, – Composer [Documentary] – [Seth Rubin] Screened at Fotokem Will Call Theater, Burbank,CA She also scored The Last One For Darkstone Entertainment for the 2007 Viriginia Film Festival 48 hour Adrenaline Film Competition.
 Creasy (2007) – Short Film, – Composer – [Drama (On THe LOT)] John Johnson’s THe Jester (2007) – Feature Film, USA – Composer – [Horror Darkstone Entertainment] The Joy Cafe (2006) – Short Film, USA – Composer – [Drama] “Best In Show” Accolade Film Award] Short Film Corner of the Cannes Film Festival 2006. ] John Johnson’s Deceptors (2005) – Feature Film, USA – Composer – [Horror/Comedy Darkstone Entertainment] Dark Harvest 1 (2004) – Feature Film, USA – Composer – [Horror]video world-wide) Lionsgate] Tumbling After (2000) – Feature Film, USA – Composer – [Thriller] “People’s Choice Award” SWVAFF] 2



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Caroline Moore