mPHATic is an experienced Songwriter / Producer. His very first single released in 2014 hit #14 on the New Zealand Charts with an album produced for another Artist hitting number #22 on the Album charts in 2016. This led to production of another 56 singles during 2016-2018 of which 8 Charted on iTunes at #1 in New Zealand.

mPHATic now produces Music for Sync as well as Music and Video for Artists all over the Globe “serving the song” producing Artwork, Music and Video to help Artists break through to their target audiences.

mPHATic continues to operate at the bleeding edge of technology using Hybridised Analogue and Digital production equipment to produce high quality productions for Artists from UK, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and America.​

Currently “M” is involved in a number of projects with Artists and Musical Collaborators, producing Music for Film, TV, Trailers and Advertisements.

If there is a project you need help with reach out here to contact him for collaborations on or to engage him as a Composer, Producer, Mixer, Remixer or Masterer for your Works.



+64 22 160 2039