Chris Nilsson is President of 10th Street Music. Nilsson has been with 10th Street for 7 years and has been in the role of Chief Marketing Officer since 2009, making significant strides in the marketing of the innovative company’s clients. He earned his MBA from USC’s Marshall School of Business while working at the company. His appointment comes just in time for a banner year for 10th Street with the releases of new albums and tours from the majority of 10th Street’s roster.

“Since starting at 10th St., I have been fortunate to work with some of the most intelligent and innovative people in the music and media business,” Nilsson says.  “I cannot be more thrilled at the opportunity to usher in a new era of great opportunities for the company and its clients.” CEO Allen Kovac adds “Chris’s passion for learning and elevating his standards over the years has put him in a position unique among his peers. His mentoring and leadership has created an environment for creative marketing which is the gold standard for management.”

10th Street Entertainment started its long run of successful artist development and growth through strategic marketing and advertising in a joint venture with DDB Needham and Strategic Research. The joint venture spawned campaigns for the music industry and artists as varied as Garth Brooks, The Beatles, and Meatloaf’s BAT OUT OF HELL II over the years. Founder, Allen Kovac’s groundbreaking work with artists like Motley Crue, Duran Duran, Yes and Blondie is widely recognized in the entertainment industry and serves as an example of what can be accomplished through 10th Street’s ethos.

This non-traditional management company is set up with multiple departments that can handle all aspects of artist’s careers. The company’s research-based marketing campaigns – from ideation to execution – can be done in-house. With an eye on worldwide success for their artists, 10th Street Entertainment’s team takes a global view and reaches markets all over the world.

Recent 10th Street successes include Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue’s Clear Channel syndicated radio show SIXX SENSE, Sixx: AM’s first soundtrack to a book with The Heroin Diaries, the stunning debut of Five Finger Death Punch’s dual-volume release (in the course of 4 months) that topped charts internationally, Motley Crue’s groundbreaking rock residency in Las Vegas, Papa Roach’s Make-A-Wish project that spawned a FUSE-led press frenzy and Nico Vega’s multimedia viral spread through Bioshock Infinite video game promotion, among others.

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