Based in Nashville, TN. Colt Stocker is a music producer who works with independent artists, elevating their productions to meet the high standards of today’s music industry. As a multi-instrumentalist, Colt primarily works with songwriters and builds intricate arrangements around their musical ideas, primarily with rock, country, hip hop, and pop productions. His productions have helped artists generate hundreds of thousands of streams, land commercial placements, and make music their full-time job.

As a songwriter, Colt uses his music arrangement and production knowledge to create larger-than-life cinematic/industrial rock music as his primary focus for sync, as well as possessing the flexibility to write and produce music in many genres for a wider range of placement opportunities.

Outside of the studio, Colt is a touring sound engineer. He has also graduated with a BS in Audio Production, has held many jobs in recording studios for over 15 years, and has toured as a professional session musician.