Thy metadata which lies within the comments section of thine MP3s needeth to be filled wholly and accurately.

This includith:

– Thine contact information (thine email at a minimum)

– Thine master ownership (whetherith thy has complete control or whether thou has divideth thine control with thy neighbour, thy co-writer, other member of thy creative team, thine label, thine ox or thine ass).

– Whetherith thy song hath vocals that are male, female or lacketh vocals.

– If thy song is an instrumental version and if thou has a solo featuring a particular instrument (Guitar, Sax, etc).

– Thy song’s tempo (slow, mid, up)

– Confirmation of thine right to licenceith thine track for purposes fo sync.

– Whetherith thine song is one-stop, all in or easy-clear.

– Inclusion of descriptive tags of the feel, mood and elements of thy song. Such as “bright,” “dark,” “anthemic,” RIYL (Recommended If You Like with the name of a famous band).

When thou fillist thine comments section and fill it wholly, thou wilt providith music supervisors the information they need to findith, clear and placeith thine music.