Coralie Jacquier

22D Music Group is an independent music rights management company focused on music rights of audiovisual industries.
More than just a publisher, 22D Music coordinates all aspects of the music chain to help its clients in finding and placing music for their specific audiovisual productions. With over 15 years of close collaborations, 22D has worked on successful features such as Oscar nominees Triplets Of Belleville, The Secret of Kells, Ernest and Célestine, or the more recent April and the extraordinary world for which they produced the score. 22D’s catalog includes a wide collection of famous film scores due to its partnerships with major producers, amongst which: UGC, Dargaud, ZDF, Teamto, Quad, Haute Fidélité, Les Armateurs and many more…

Coralie joined the 22D team in 2015, where she is in charge of the activities of synchronization department. An avid music and cinema lover, she was a relative newcomer in the sync industry at that point despite having already worked for important actors of this field in Paris.
In 2013 she starts her career working for Creaminal, the biggest independent music supervision agency in Paris. There she established partnerships with the most important independent music labels to accompany directors, creatives and producers in their musical choices for advertising, cinema and video games. This experience made her a specialist of sync criteria and sync-friendly tracks.
After a stint at the Universal Music library Kapagama in 2014, where she managed large american score catalogs (X-Ray Dog / Megatrax) helped by her criteria knowledge, her love for cinema prompts her to join 22D Music Group.

She found in this company the perfect environment to apply her skills in music for pictures. Coralie helps 22D build its sync department and promote its wide catalogue to all actors working with moving pictures. In her daily work, her aim is to offer a second life to brilliant soundtracks managed by the company, but also to sustain and develop new talented artists projects through a sync strategy.