Dear Friends and Associates,

I’d like to talk to you today about something of vital importance – the steps that we at Sync Summit are taking to make sure we continue to provide you with opportunities to learn, network and do business in music, ads, brands and media while doing everything we can to ensure your safety during the coronavirus outbreak.

As of today, all of our planned live events in Nashville (August 20-21), New York (September 23-24), Tokyo (2-3 November) Berlin (October 1-2) and LA (December 2-3) are moving forward as currently scheduled.

At present, we believe the current situation does not warrant cancelling or postponing any of our events, but I want to assure you that we’re monitoring the global situation daily, and if a cancelation or postponement of any of our events is warranted, we will contact you personally and announce on social media immediately the details of our contingency plan, how you will affected personally as our customer and the specific steps we’ll take to make sure you are accommodated for any changes or inconvenience.

There’s nothing more important to me than ensuring you have a safe and successful event when you attend a Sync Summit, and to that end, we’re immediately enacting a number of new initiatives.  Here’s the breakdown.

  1. Sync Summit Online. Sync Summit Online provides you with all the essential benefits of our sync summit events without having to travel. Starting today, this means that regardless of where you attending an event live, you’ll still get to network, to share your music, see product demos, participate in panels and keynotes and more, including:

    • Real-time discussions where you can ask questions and get answers
    • Set up of pitch sessions and meetings
    • A personal EPK on the sync summit website
    • Musical showcases
    • Workshops
    • Our setting up of meetings on your behalf with speakers and sponsors
    • Sharing of contact information from all participants after the event
    • A video archive of the entire event

      We’re employing technology that allows us to hold a virtual event that will provide you with the ability to watch, to interact with fellow participants, and to showcase your talent.And, If we do postpone one of our live events, we will let you know at least a month in advance, but we will still hold the event as a virtual event, and deliver to you every single aspect of the event detailed here during the scheduled dates.

      All of you that have already registered for a live event will be able to participate in the virtual versions, and also be able to take part in the rescheduled live event without paying an extra fee.

      For those of you that would like to just attend our events virtually, the cost is $199 and we’ll allow you to apply your payment as a credit towards the cost of a live event ticket.

  2. Sync Summit Online Chats. In addition to taking all our Sync Summits Virtual, we’re going to start holding virtual Sync Summit keynotes, panels and case studies that are open to everyone who’s registered for one of our 2020 Sync Summits and to all our clients at no additional cost. For those of you that aren’t registered for one of our upcoming Sync Summits, you will also be able to attend a single session for $50.These events are completely distinct from our Sync Listening Sessions so we won’t be listening to music submissions.  But with that said, they will be like our Sync Summit panels, case studies and keynotes at our live events – we’ll have one-on-one chats, present case studies, or hold a panel every week on a particular subject, and even hold showcases. And when given permission, after the event, we’ll share the contact information of all the participants.  Also, after the event, we’ll provide you with an archive of the video from the event.This way, regardless of the travel situation, we’re all still doing business, we’re all still networking and we at Sync Summit are providing you with opportunities to connect and network.
  3. Expanded online sponsor outreach. We are going to immediately expand how we are doing outreach for the sponsors of our events.This includes posting logos, company information and links in our social media, in our newsletters, within our virtual events and on the Sync Summit website in the form of banners and individual pages. In addition, we will work with our partners and sponsors to create specific, live online demos and events that showcase their companies, their solutions and their work.I’ll reach out separately to all current sponsors to coordinate these new sponsor elements, and if you or your company have interest in sponsoring, contact me directly at and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.
  4. If an event is postponed or canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak. If the worst comes to pass, and we have to postpone an event due to the coronavirus, we’ll let you know our decision as quickly as possible, what the new event date is, and we’ll give you the option to either apply your ticket purchase to a ticket for the event on the new date or apply the full price of your ticket for credit to attend any other of our online or in-person events. If the event is canceled and no new date is provided, we’ll either issue full credit for your purchase or provide you with a refund.

It is of vital importance to me on both a personal and a professional level that we do everything we can to make sure we provide you with every option to network, learn and do business in our industry through our events while making sure you are safe and secure. I truly the above steps we’re taking help us all reach the goal for us all to be safe and successful in 2020.


Mark Frieser
CEO, Sync Summit