Dagobert Böhm founded his label Ozella Music in 1999 for Jazz, Lounge, Blues, Chillout, Singer-Songwriter and World Music. He is not only the president of Ozella, but also a guitarist, composer and producer himself, working with sound enthusiasts from all over the world. Böhm was born in Mannheim, Germany, and grew up between a tremendous wealth of musical tradition and his own curiosity. He studied music and violin making, and his love for east Indian classical music led him to making his own sitar. His music is well-praised since 1982 and still is with his recent LP „Within A Dream“ that was finally released after a long period of illness in early 2022. He also returns to playing live, mostly in Southern Germany. At Sync Summit 2022 he mostly searches for contacts in TV and film interested in high quality music with strong atmospheres.

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Ozella Music was founded by musician, composer and producer Dagobert Böhm in 1999 to create a home for international artists with a heart for creative and audiophile sound quality. Ozella Music consists of three labels: Ozella (World, Jazz, Instrumental), Ozella Lounge (Lounge, Downtempo, NuJazz, Chillout, Electronica) and Songways (Singer-Songwriter, Blues) with internationally acclaimed musicians like Helge Lien and his Trio (Norway), Kari Ikonen (Finland), Pete Alderton (Germany/UK), Rain Sultanov (Azerbaijan) or Dagobert Böhm himself. In 2022 the label is especially looking forward to releases by the Helge Lien Trio „Revisited“ in March, the long awaited follow up to „Hummingbird“ by Helge Lien & Knut Hem in September. With the most recent release „Within a Dream“, Dagobert Böhm finally returns after a long period of illness. At Sync Summit 2022 he mostly searches for contacts in TV and film interested in high quality music with strong atmospheres.

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/ozellamusic

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ozella.music

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Dagobert Böhm – The Sea (Ocean Video): https://youtu.be/5t0RcB1J0tw

Helge Lien Trio – Liten Jazzballong REVISITED: https://youtu.be/mbSw5JMnLeg


Dagobert Böhm – The Sea: https://open.spotify.com/track/2QllHM0Pht1JMcu8U3GQlZ?si=LAm83ssySNeK_vvMkPniUQ

Helge Lien Trio – Meles Meles Revisited: https://open.spotify.com/track/6AWbnMjiOIaJeeuMWRb8p7?si=N1rnzYFfRi-M4ljP_OY38g


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