“Within a Dream” is the name of Dagobert Böhm’s new album. But he might as well have called it “Time”. Time is a leitmotif for these eleven instrumental compositions: On the one hand there is the perceived eternity that lies between Böhm’s last solo record “Circle Around” and the new material and in which the guitarist has made himself rare on stage and in the studio. After his highly acclaimed early pastoral works “Sound of Wood” and “Acoustic Moods” as well as the classic “Morning Flight”, the guitarist limited himself to contributions to the catalog of his Ozella label – either with individual songs on samplers or, as recently, as a composer for artists like Rain Sultanov. But “Within a Dream” is the first coherent album statement in 23 years.

Time also plays a role in another way. Because many of the pieces compiled here are revisions, reinterpretations and expansions of works that have already appeared earlier, sometimes with different titles. For example, Böhm gave his few guitar students the romantic ballad “Stars” – by his own admission there were only a handful – as homework. In combination with the scenic memories in the booklet, this results in an intimate glimpse into the world of experience of a musician who has long left the limelight to others.

These new interpretations were recorded with Böhm’s long-time companion Carsten Mentzel (alias Stardelay) in their respective studios. As an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and equipment fanatic, Mentzel contributed an extremely wide range of sounds, from Fender Rhodes and glockenspiel to electronic beats and classic synthesizers. The Norwegian folk mystic Karl Seglem joined them with his saxophone and Knut Hem on Dobro and Ómar Guðjónsson on pedal steel and drums. These splashes of color give the so closed, atmospherically dense sound of “Within a Dream” decisive impulses again and again.

All the musicians represented here are not only technically experienced, but also personal friends, with whom Böhm philosophizes about life and art over a glass of wine – which gives the album an extremely personal touch. “Within a Dream” is not supposed to turn the music world upside down or revolutionize it. Just make it a little more beautiful – a little more dreamlike, so to speak.

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