Dawn Wisner-Johnson Promo Photo 1
Dawn has been a professional in the music business for over 30 years. She currently works as publishing administrator for international recording artist, RedOne and his label, RedOne Productions, LLC. Dawn’s experience in the entertainment industry is extensive and varied, including a decade at ABC Television; where she helped create a successful in-house music production library for television content use throughout the Disney/ABC brand.

As a musician and singer, Dawn started out performing and touring in bands, Crumbacher and Almost Ugly, which helped set her on her journey to working in the entertainment industry. Take 2 Productions, a company headed up by Dawn and her sister, Beth Wisner-Jahnsen, was launched in 2007. Together, they continue to assist multiple artists and songwriters in bridging the gap between art and commerce. Securing sync licenses, helping navigate through publishing deals, and production for music/video are just some of the successes they have had.

Dawn and Beth have recently launched a new branch of their business with their podcast, “A Matter Of Music”. They bring their years of experience to this forum to further help artists, songwriters, composers navigate the business. Classes and personal consulting are other ways they continue to help artists. Dawn is once again launching into sync placement with her new agency, “A Matter Of Sync”, as she has been working diligently to gather up-and-coming artists and seasoned songwriters.

Dawn is a California native, who grew up in several different countries, and considers herself and thriving third culture kid (TCK). She enjoys spending time with her family, attending shows and the culture and music of Los Angeles, and LA’s sports teams, Dodgers and Chargers.