International Composer and Multi Instrumentalist Dreya Aman has taken it up a notch and started producing her own music! From atmospheric tracks to tense underscores, a wide array of ideas live in this artist’s brain. Newer to the world of sync, this aspiring pianist offers new and fresh ideas with a stellar dose of emotion, and, packed with rich chords that don’t disappoint.




A Tense Underscore featuring strings lives here, click it  “Gabriel’s Plank”


Piano with Instrumentation is behind this track that uses flutes and strings with light drumming.   “Just For A Moment”  “Linger”


Mystical and hesitant, this Instrumental track offers piano with soundscaped backing  “David’s Moment”


Always an original composition, this hard rock song “Wish You Were Dead,” features full vocals for a tongue-in-cheek song about break ups. Mature but not explicit! 

Open for collabs?

Dreya Aman Music