I don’t know what I love the most – music or movies. My parents bought me a VCR when I was 12, it felt like magic. But learning and performing music I started at 7. When the former and the latter comes together I can’t find a more mesmerizing art.

On December 17th I released a single called “Sci-Fi Christmas”. Here are some quotes from press:

“it reminded me a lot of an independent movie soundtrack. I think it would be good in a production, because it sounds like a character’s theme or a scene” – Val Becker from Radio Graviola radiograviola.com

“really created the Christmas atmosphere of a science fiction film, with a cold and somewhat sad atmosphere.” Luciano Matos elcabong.com.br

“The song is sensational, magnificent” – Indieoclock indieoclock.com.br

“we liked it a lot. Our listeners will be hooked” – RadioCriativa10 radiocriativa10.com.br/

“I especially liked when the guitar started, with a cool solo that really reminds me of John Frusciante’s solo work. And then, the keyboard bells makes it really sound like Christmas.” – TrocaFitas anchor.fm/trocafitaspod

“This really sounds like a curious mix of Jeff Beck and Cardigans, converted to the 21st century, and finding this aesthetic path is a great challenge that I think has been overcome here.” – Leonardo Rodrigues www.uol.com.br/splash/colunas/leonardo-rodrigues/

“an enchanting sound journey of synthesizers that transports us to a totally futuristic Christmas atmosphere.” – Letsgorock.net

“Its quirky sci-fi atmosphere and captivating rhythm create a unique listening experience, transporting listeners to a futuristic sound universe” – PenhascoRock www.penhascorock.com

“we think the keyboard lines are really cool. We really liked the sound!” – Rock Blues Brazil rockbluesbrazil.com.br

“Sci-Fi Christmas” was a great idea indeed. I see it as a timeless composition, given its unique sound.” – OverRocks Website&Radio overrocks.com.br

“The musical work resembles good soft rock that brings influences from Blues and Soul Music.” Helton Grunge blogdoheltongrunge.blogspot.com/

Disco: https://s.disco.ac/ikkdgbgndfku

Music Video of my old track https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXWYbiMKt6g

My website, where you can chat with me – https://www.sibiriak.com

Single “Sci-Fi Christmas” https://open.spotify.com/album/4GeDhtKkjtkhmGAfDVKmbu?si=hAdKR1XZTrm2-80hihp0mA

Single “Happy New Year In The New Year” https://open.spotify.com/album/4dLjeL3Z3HHVP2sJdf0gqM

Single “Do Not Drop The Child https://open.spotify.com/album/20u9TS01GgQ2XDBKmanhcc

My mp3s with metadata https://sibiriak.com/one-stop-sync-licensing-en.html