Elise Wiener is an accomplished songwriter with a bevy of solo artist releases, and a catalog of songs available to other artists and ready for sync licensing opportunities. Her elegantly emotive sensibility has garnered comparisons to classic and contemporary artists such as Diane Warren, Carole King, Ingrid Michaelson, and Beth Hart. Hallmarks of Elise’s work include sophisticated compositions brimming with accessible hooks; poetically poignant lyrics rooted in personal and observational reflection; metaphorical imagery; and jeweled melodies.

Elise’s story is that of a self-taught creative with an intrepid entrepreneurial spirit. She is a pioneer in the handmade paper greeting card market, and her artistic continuum has flowed into pottery, book design, and other artistic visual mediums. To date, Elise has won national awards for her work, and she has exhibited her conceptual art internationally and nationally.

These days Elise paints with sound, collage lyrics, and melodies. To date, she has issued a self-titled full-length, a series of children’s songs, and a fresh batch of refined singles. Currently, she is releasing singles as a solo artist while actively seeking fresh outlets for her songs and her songwriting.


(914) 414-6507‬ | elise@elisesongs.com