[title size=”1″]QA With Fire Tiger[/title]

  1. EnergyAlbumC

    Tell us about Fire Tiger – what is the history of the group = how did you originally come together – what were your inspirations as a band and your musical mission?

It started out between Tiff and James as a studio project, and we ended up sharing a band house together near the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Both of us were fortunate enough to be introduced to the great music and vocal style of generations past from our parents, and to share a common obsession.  With the new original band, Fire Tiger strives to bring the beautifully complex, yet universal, timeless music of the 60’s, 70’s, and especially the 80’s back to today’s oversimplified pop culture mainstream.

  1. How would you – or how could you – categorize the music you make?

We really liked your description of Fire Tiger as Power Pop, a genre of pop rock with an emphasis on strong vocal melodies and a bit of 70’s / 80’s hard rock edge…  Fans have also categorized us in all sorts of directions, such as synth pop, classic rock, new wave, retro, etc.

3.  Tell us about your fans – is your fan base international, local, national?

Something we really like about the music of previous generations — Popular songs used to be for everybody, not just small niche demographics. Because of our old style of music, we are blessed to receive very positive comments from fans of all ages, from all over the world.

4.  What have you been doing to build your fan base internationally and how is composition and sync a part of that?

We are really excited about our global response, currently on FM radio stations in Europe, Australia, Canada, and South America, selling into the thousands, with a lot of Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook traffic from countries everywhere.  So far, our music seems to appeal strongly to the global market, but we have not had an opportunity yet for sync to play a role and expand on that.

5.  Do you guys have a lot of gigs, and if so, where? Tell us about that… what were the cities, what was the reception?

We would love to tour soon, but need the right opportunity, both financially and logistically.  We really enjoy the response we get playing in Hollywood, and look forward to taking the show on the road.

6.  Have you had any success in getting syncs so far in your career?  Has it been an important component of revenue and/or promotion for you all?

Although people often comment that our music would be a perfect match for film and TV, we have never had the opportunity for a legitimate commercial sync.  We are very excited about the possible opportunities from attending Sync Summit though, and look forward to finally being heard by important industry decision makers.

7.  Do you have a label/publisher/agent yet

No label or publisher… We are however very honored to be recently represented by music attorney Gerry Rosenblatt, whose past and present client list includes Fleetwood Mac, Guns N Roses, Billy Idol, and Donna Summer among others… On our own, we have been selling on iTunes, Amazon, and Vinyl Records from our website store at FireTigerMusic.com.

8.  What are you looking to get out of Sync Summit?

Along with learning more about sync from different perspectives, hopefully we will meet some people in the music industry who like what we are doing. We are excited to have the opportunity to finally showcase our music at Sync Summit!!