Garrett Castillo hails from Central California, where music and movies provided a creative outlet since he was a child. A 25 year veteran of the motion picture industry, Garrett began his career in 2000 in the world of sound design and quickly transitioned into sound mixing. In 2005 he discovered editing and a love and passion for telling a good story and enticing movie goers to the theaters. Garrett lent his creative talents to both major studios, working several years at Warner Brothers and SONY Pictures Entertainment as well as post production companies Aspect and Mob Scene. Moreover, Garrett’s capabilities of working in long form, short form and BTS projects laid an impressive trail of campaigns for major and creditely acclaimed movies.

Now he has come full circle back to sound design, opening his own boutique company, GarrettWhoosh, music by an editor for editors. Garrett Whoosh is a full service sound design company offering branded and custom music cues, sound effects and sound designs. Having been an editor himself, Garrett is uniquely qualified to provide exactly what is needed for theatrical trailers, teasers, sizzle reels, digital campaigns, motion graphics or any project that requires sound. Recent projects include: Mission Impossible, Forrest Gump, Godzilla (Aspect Ratio), Harry Potter, Troy, Matrix (Warner Brother Pictures), The Hulk, Despicable Me, Bee Movie (Workshop Creative), Hotel Transylvania 2, 007 Spectre, The Amazing Spider Man (Sony Pictures Entertainment), Blade Runner 2049, King Arthur, Tomb Raider (Mob Scene).