Multi-genre singer-songwriter, pianist, and composer Gina Williams, breaks down barriers on a daily basis. Musically she is as diverse as it gets, as her work spans multiple genres such as Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, and Gospel, just to name a few. However, Gina isn’t only limited to the English-speaking world. She actively performs in many different languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Punjabi, Latin, Italian, Turkish, and Mandarin. In response to social unrest and racial divide, Gina released 5 albums in 5 different genres: Classical, Gospel, Pop, Dance, and Rock in 2021. Perhaps that is the most apparent thing about Gina: everything she does seems effortless. Yet the more you find out about her, the more you start to understand the layers of complexity behind the music and artistry of this “Modern Day Renaissance Woman” – who continues to defy stereotypes while touching hearts.


(360) 223-2407