Gitika Partington

Hi my name is Gitika – it rhymes with Whittaker. So I can’t marry Jodie, Roger, Eric or Forest (Gitika Whittaker..imagine!) Gitika means a little song in Sanskrit and that’s what I do. Been described as a ‘force of nature’. I compose, record, mix, produce, arrange for acapella choir and make a mean dinner out of almost no ingredients.

I LOVE what I do. I started my musical life singing harmony with ’The Partington Family Singers’ at the age of 5, so was almost harmonising before I could talk. I have been a singer in almost every genre of band during the last many decades and used to teach music to 500 teenagers a week in inner city London – so have my ’street‘ credentials sewn up. I have 2 MA degrees, (when having a crisis – go on a course) in Jazz & Arranging (not a big jazz fan but can fake it good) Choral Education and a degree in Performance Arts (and I have been paying in sweat ever since! If you have not seen the movie Fame that will mean nothing )

I have been musically educating, teaching the world to sing running choirs, writing songs, arranging and publishing choral acapella (I have published 5 acapella books and have 150 acapella arrangements -notated and sung- in a box ) for some decades. Am still extremely hip (never!!! Am dismally unhip and have the t-shirt to prove it)

During lockdown in one day I turned around a ‘virtual choir’ for a Comedy Central Christmas trailer and another for Sky Cinema Germany. (I also now voice a Pink Troll) I can multi track and harmonise any genre in record time and I also have a bank of singers to call on.
I have 7 albums out – the latest with ‘3 Bucket Jones’ is pending. I created many of the videos myself – Money is no object. I can make a video with a piece of string and a wine gum, and often do. Since lockdown I have recorded and composed 6 full acapella tracks for Peer Music, two ‘Spaghetti Western’ multi vocal backings for Warner Chappell and two jazz ‘Jobinesque ‘ multi tracks for Universal. I have co written and produced a whole album with a beautiful singer songwriter I have only met on zoom. ( All the Bees –Psychadelica) I have also created 6 virtual choir videos (three, my own songs) and run a weekly virtual choir and write and record at least a song every week.

My original songs are radio worthy and have been played on several shows including BBC6 Radio. I have been compared with Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Enya (nooooo!) and a great band from Sweden with a very long name. The favourite song on the radio – I wrote, recorded and mixed in a day.
My music is moody, deep, quirky and/or bit Britishly eccentric. I am also sensible, empathic really good at accents and very into collaborative things . Twice taught 5000 people a song at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Due to the fact I am a woman, and an older woman I have a lot to say and am grateful that the world is changing so I can be heard -particularly in the sync world.

Favourite music includes
Steely Dan,
Philadelphia Soul
Peter Gabriel
Anything I can dance to…

Favourite songs include..
Funkin for Jamaica –Tom Scott
Boheme – Deep Forest
Life on Mars -David Bowie
The Lamb –John Tavener
Videoteque –Dollar
Little Green -Joni Mitchell

Gitika Partington

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