Glenn Dixon is a musician, author, composer and producer working out of Calgary, Canada. He’s recorded tracks for sync on the legendary Rolling Stones Mobile recording studio (once owned by the Stones and used by everyone from Led Zeppelin to Bob Marley) for an identifiable 70’s classic sound. Covers (Space Oddity, After the Gold Rush, etc) and a range of originals (with all the stems) are available. Dixon has written four books, the most recent being the story of a fictional band (in the novel Bootleg Stardust published internationally by Simon & Schuster, 2021). In fact, he created a band for the book – Levi Jaxon and the Downtown Exit – and their tracks are up on all the streaming services. Most recently, he’s worked in documentary film, cutting book trailers and music videos and using the very latest generative A.I. video (MIdjourney, Pika, Kaiber and Google Lumiere) and even separating already mastered songs into their individual stems (isolated vocals for example, ala Peter Jackson and the Beatles) using


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