My name is Gregory D Putnam, founder of G Putnam Music (GPM), LLC, where I cowrite with Michael D Scherer, the USA’s #15 jazz artist. I also write commonly with Erik W Nelson, holder of 1 Gold & 2 Platinum records, along with 2 Grammy nominations, & a recent 100MIL Streams certificate. We utilize our individual strengths to enliven my lyrics. I write lyrics these days, because my main 2 cowriters are supremely talented, so I let go of melody & arrangement to these guys. Why try to do thongs others do so much better? I have 2 placements on National TV, while formally being in business for just over 2 years. I am ONE STOP, EZ Clear, & have well over 100 originals. These include many top genres in rock, Americana, & folk. Michael & I freshly turned to Indie Pop, Pop, El Mix, & Jazz instrumentals.


(309) 530-4626