Christian Hurst is a music producer, supervisor and executive based in Toronto, and is currently the Director of Music Supervision and Licensing at The Eggplant Stereo, a premiere Canadian music company providing award-winning music supervision and licensing, custom composition and one-stop artist and production libraries. He is also the Executive Director of The House Of Songs Canada, Producer/GM at Granitewish Studios, and Partner/VP at CO.PILOT Artist Management, Hangar Entertainment, and Transmitter Tools.

Enthralled music lover and noise maker since birth, Christian has somehow managed to work in the music business in one capacity or another for more than 20 years. A songwriter and self-taught guitarist from the age of 11, he studied performance, composition and arranging at Humber College from 1993-1995, focusing on guitar, saxophone and voice, and then won the Sennheiser Award for audio engineering, production and music business at Trebas Institute in 1998.

Evolving from musician and engineer to producer and entrepreneur as his creative, business and technical brains became more integrated, Christian was asked more and more often to contribute as a co-writer, arranger and session player, and business, marketing and project consultant, and has been involved with many recording projects, films and other music related initiatives in a multitude of roles.

Engaging in more dynamic and diverse initiatives over the last several years, Christian enjoys working with many different artists and organizations on music, entertainment, technology, cultural and business development projects. A driven and comprehensive artist focused music professional, he travels to events, festivals and conferences around the world, participating in panels and workshops on a broad range of subjects including music supervision, licensing, production, management, artist development and capacity building.